Family trees

Many, many years ago (about 1973, if that helps), my mother’s cousin sent her a family tree of the Warings. It was typed on foolscap paper (if you’re under 25, you probably won’t even know what that means!) and compiled his research of the Waring family tree back to 1740. It showed that their branch of the tree came to London from Yorkshire: Wath-upon-Dearne, Rotherham, Mexborough and Conisbrough, to be precise. That piece of paper was the start of my love affair with researching my roots.

Now, while I’m a member of and have built trees there, it frustrates me that my research could probably come along more easily if non-Ancestry members were able to find our common ancestors. And so I am attempting to build my own tree as part of a sub-site here, beginning with my parents and some of their stories. Using a website of my own will enable me to organise things my way … probably breaking every genealogy rule in the book as far as organisation goes, but innovation never happens if people keep doing the same old, same old. For my labelling method, I am working backwards through the alphabet, where my generation is Generation Z. My parents are then Generation Y, their parents Generation X and so on. The individuals are then numbered within their generation, starting with 1 being the first born to the first person in that generation that I’ve discovered children for. So welcome to my little links to the past!

If you find we share a common link to the past, please feel free to get in touch. Please also bear in mind that the documents and images uploaded to this site are mine, unless otherwise stated, and so if you wish to use them on your own site, please ask me for permission first to ensure that you don’t infringe on my copyright.

It’s going to take some time to build, so feel free to check back every six months or so. In the meantime, enjoy your wander through the gardens of my past …

  1. Father: Hugh McArdle Butler (1921-1998) 
  2. Father’s family trees (person lists): Butler (paternal) tree and McArdle (maternal) tree
  3. Mother: Margaret Ellen Waring (1921-2015) 
  4. Mother’s family trees (person lists): Waring (paternal) tree and Finch (maternal) tree
  5. Father-in-law: Keith Raymond Mosher (1914-2003)
  6. Father-in-law’s family trees (person lists): Mosher (paternal) tree and Troughton (maternal) tree
  7. Mother-in-law: Marjorie Buckley (1911-1973)
  8. Mother-in-law’s family trees (person lists): Buckley (paternal) tree and Smith (maternal) tree