Many of my acrylics are painted by using old credit and sim cards to apply the paint to the canvas, while others are created more conventionally by using brushes:

The Only Way is Up, Baby

The Only Way is Up, Baby two-piece artwork by Jennifer MosherThe Only Way is Up, Baby is a small two-piece artwork painted (with brushes) on canvases four inches (10 cms) high, 12 inches (30 cms) long and 1.5 inches deep/thick (3.6 cms). Painted in duo-tones of mauve and purple, the canvases can be rotated, but will still point the same way.

Colours used were: Dioxazine Purple and Permanent Light Violet.

This two-piece set is available for AUD$95 including shipping anywhere in Australia. (Sorry, no international shipping.)

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Paisley Petals (four piece)

Paisley Petals four-piece artwork by Jennifer Mosher

Paisley Petals is a four-piece artwork, completed (with brushes) over four eight-inch (20 cm) square canvases of 1.5 inches (3.6 cms) depth. It utilises one hand-drawn, paisley-inspired pattern, rotated and repeated, and four colours. Each colour appears in combination with two other colours only, in adjoining panels, and two diagonally opposing backgrounds or detail colours never appear on the same canvas together. So, for example, Yellow Oxide and Australian Salmon Gum are not used on the same panel together.

Please note that the image above is a digital composite of four individual images and the patterns are the same size on each piece.

Colours used were: Australian Salmon Gum, Dioxazine Purple, Yellow Oxide and Southern Ocean Blue (Phthalo Turquoise).

This four-piece set is available for AUD$295 including shipping anywhere in Australia. (Sorry, no international shipping.)

Birch Grove

Birch GroveInspired by seeing the late afternoon sun filtered through a birch grove, the original of this is an acrylic on paper in A4 size. This artwork ships unframed across the world; please choose whether you’re in Australia or elsewhere.


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