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I have taken so many reference photos over the years, it seemed a shame not to make some of them available for others to use.

While most will have been taken on a phone and so will only be 72 dpi, the best will still be large enough and therefore good enough to use on book covers, or as base files for other works.

Licensing details are summarised on each image’s page, but here are the details:

Licensing agreement: By licensing any of my stock images:

  • You will have a non-exclusive licence, which means others can also license and use the image.
  • It will be a one-time licence, meaning you can use the work for one purposes only (e.g. a book cover). If you wish to use it again for a different purpose (e.g. as part of a pattern for some material), you will need to license it again.
  • You will have a world-wide license to use the image.
  • You may only use the images as a derivative work i.e. you may not use the file ‘as is’ but may modify it for use on book covers, product packaging, or for use on products themselves.
  • Where possible, please ensure that you display your licence to use this image by including the credit line below.

Credit: I would appreciate it if you would show something along the following lines, wherever possible:

Image name by Jennifer Mosher, Australia at

Please note:  The preview files shown here have been downsized to a max width or height of 500 pixels. After purchase, you will be provided with a download link which must be used within 14 days, and the download file will meet the specs shown on the page for that image.

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