Olive green three-piece leather and PU lounge suite – SOLD

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Green leather 3-seater lounge with two recliner chairs – ready for you to relax and watch your favourite TV shows from!

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We can’t take our lounge suite with us, so are hoping it finds a new home soon, with its new owners organising for removal/delivery preferably between 10 and 19 October 2020.

The lounge and chairs were made with leather for the seats, with PU (polyurethane leather) used for the ‘non-public’ parts. It has a three-seater sofa with two recliner armchairs.

The whole suite is probably roughly 18 years old, but it’s still in good nick – the lounge wasn’t used an awful lot, other than by teenagers to lie on while watching TV 😉 , so it’s still pretty good as far as inner-spring support etc goes.

The chairs are manual (not electric) recliners – just pull the handle on the right-hand side and the foot supports swing out and up.

It’s been fairly well looked after, and has no tears or actual damage, but could do with a refresh with some detergent and leather protector. Here and there on the backs and sides there are patches where I’ve cleaned a bit in the past and bleached some of the PU. But outside of all that, it’s probably got another 18 years in it unless you end up having some critters jumping all over it … 😉

Please note: It’s hard to portray the green accurately in photographs – you can see the difference it makes when looking at the two photos of the lounge – so please don’t think the colour is going to be exactly like any one photo or the other.

You will need at least two strong people to carry these pieces out, if not three.  Pick up Hazelbrook, NSW, only. No delivery unless organised by buyer.

Countdown increments: $10 per day


Lounge: Depth: 90 cm; Length: 205 cm; Height: 100 cm

Chairs: Depth: 100 cm (opened out = 150 cm); Width: 100 cm; Height: 100 cm


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