Art for my sake

There are two things I can’t do when I’m unhappy: paint and drink (alcohol). I have found that I can only paint when I am in my ‘happy place’ – without pressure of work or housework or the expectations of others. And I only drink when I’m happy. The thought of crawling into a bottle when the world is too much for me … is, strangely, too much for me. So my painting is sporadic, and that’s not good for it because to be an ‘artist’ you need to be at it all the time. I suppose that makes me a painter, as opposed to an artist. I also can’t paint the same thing over and over again. Nothing I paint ever looks the way I intended, yet there are only so many times I can have a go at trying to get it right.

Many of my paintings are done using acrylic paints applied to canvas using old credit and sim cards. The use of these items allows me to ‘loosen up’. As you can imagine, we editors can get a little uptight and fussy at times. Painting without being able to control the medium too well is good discipline for me – good discipline in relaxing!

Many of my originals are available from Blue Thumb at 
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