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    1. Your Validation wont accept the keys, so pasted my message here
      Hi Jennifer, I read your above book that I won in a Mackay Writers Group raffle. I read parts of it over and again, most helpful but some I failed to grasp re the formatting. After shelling out big bucks to Author Solutions, (it’s fine, I’m fine, so no sympathies, please, life is a a learning curve of valleys and peaks). I leave my 3 books sit with them and say NO to the marketers, but since self published them with Ingram Spark. I now want to publish with Amazon, as KDP, but after following your guidelines the files and cover didn’t fit. Also, epub through Spaks is expensive if you dont have the files in the right format. Do you have a more up-to-date book on epub with KDP epub and print.
      On a personal note, I read your profile, and gosh, I thought “a gemini, but your twin is a sagitarrius. I do exactly All the things you love doing, and have just self published my family tree” Eight Little Australians by Jenni Barnett. Only thing I’m not that you are is an editor? if you can find a second you can check out my website I also do my own Interior artwork and cover art. My first 3 books are Aboriginal historical fiction, just to be a bit different. Very challenging stuff! Cheers Jennifer?

      1. Hi Jennifer

        I’m sorry you weren’t able to comment where you wanted to – that seems strange – but thank you for thinking to post your comment here.

        You mentioned my ‘above book’ – but I’m not sure which one you meant – ‘Self publishing for Australian authors’ or ‘Format your book for print using MS Word’? I’m going to assume it was the first! So, cutting to the chase …

        If your files aren’t working for KDP, it’s probably because their specs are completely different to Ingram’s. Here’s a link to KDP’s paperback specs page: .
        And here’s one for their ebook formatting guidelines:

        I don’t write in detail about how to format ebooks because we use software to create our ebooks, and that wasn’t the intention of my book – it was more about helping authors understand what’s out there, what their options are. When we create ebooks, though, we format the base file in Word, by adapting the print file, then we bring that into our software, spit and polish a bit more, then export mobi and epub files and upload to Amazon and Smashwords accordingly. You might find the Smashwords Style Guide is useful to help you format a Word doc that Amazon can turn into a Kindle ebook for you:

        Yep, I’m definitely a Gemini! Good on you for publishing your family history – I’m still researching mine – lots of gaps to fill and not a lot of time to fill them in!

        But good luck with your writing and I hope the above helps a bit.



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