About me

Jenny Mosher 2020Thank you for visiting my website. I am Australian, a former self publishing facilitator (via IndieMosh), former editor and proofreader, genealogy nut, part-time artist, part-time writer, would-be fit, winter-hating cold frog.

I am also (or have been):

  • co-founder and former owner and Managing Director of IndieMosh, which offers self publishing facilitation services to Australian writers
  • founder and owner of The MoshShop – the former online bookstore for Aussies to buy our IndieMosh books
  • founder and owner of the former self publishing book marketing site One Thousand Words Plus
  • founder, editor-in-chief and publisher of the now-closed narratorINTERNATIONAL (and its prior incarnations: narrator MAGAZINE, narratorAUSTRALIA, narratorUK, narratorUSA, narratorROMANCE, etc)
  • a member of the first cohort of  IPEd Accredited Editors in Australia (and NSW)
  • a judge for the 2012 Global Ebook Awards.

Occasionally I pop up on a panel or at a trade expo somewhere. To see what I’ve got planned or see where I’ve been, check out my Events page.

I write the odd (decidedly odd) bit of poetry and the occasional short story and  have published several books. I look forward to perhaps writing some longer fiction and publishing a few more books in the years to come.

And then I’m always trying something new as far as creating art goes, and then from time to time I even post about it here, so check out my Art page to see what floats my creative boat.

If you’ve worked with me over the years, you may recognise me from one of my prior profile pics. As a Gemini, change is the only constant in my life!:

Jenny Mosher 2020      Jennifer Mosher, Editor, February 2015Jennifer Mosher, Editor