I can remember being a little girl and telling my mother that I wanted to write a book. Her response was: ‘That’s lovely, darling, but every thousand that try, only one gets published.’ I still can’t decide if she was trying to save me from a lifetime’s pain of rejection, or if she didn’t believe I would grow up to be able to secure a publishing contract. Who knows? 

But the truth is – she was right. Getting a publishing contract has always been tough, and since the advent of the internet – it just got tougher! But … the upside is that with the invention of smart devices anyone can publish a book now. And so I did. Five times so far! (I’ve since unpublished ‘Creating a Facebook Page for your Business’ – thanks to the beauty of modern technology.) And then more than three hundred times for other people via IndieMosh.

So here are my current books in print. Please click on the links below to be taken to that book’s sales page to find out more:

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Are you or someone you know thinking of writing a book? Or in the process of writing? How are you planning on publishing? You might not want to hold out too much hope of a publishing contract – they’re getting harder and harder to come by these days.

Thanks to the internet, the Kindle, the iPad and print on demand technology, self publishing is rapidly becoming the acceptable way for people to share their thoughts and ideas.

Find out what you need to have, know and do in Self publishing for Australian authors2nd edition, revised 2019

Find out more, preview and buy here:

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Format your book for print with MS Word(R)

Thanks to the internet, print on demand and ebook technology, self publishing is rapidly becoming the acceptable way for people to share their thoughts and ideas. However, while the ease and speed to market is being appreciated by many emerging writers around the world, the quality of layout isn’t always appreciated by those reading these newly-minted works.

In Format your book for print with MS Word, I’ll introduce your to the wonders of Word’s Styles function. Your documents will never be the same again! 🙂 

Find out more and buy here:

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Sometimes it’s not what you say, but what you do. Have you ever parked the company car, the one with the logo on it, in a disabled parking spot? What does that communicate about you, or more importantly, your business?

Simple Rules for Effective Business Communication is a booklet-sized summary of the ways we communicate and how to do it better, particularly for business people.  

Short and to the point, it’s great for encouraging staff who need assistance, and particularly for those who have English as a second language. 

Preview and/or buy individually here:

Or buy in quantities of 5 or 10 for your staff from The MoshShop here:

Simple Rules for Effective Business Communication is also available as an audiobook from your favourite audiobook retailer.

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Max is a ‘ranga’ – a ginger-haired little boy who yawns through his day and (almost) sneezes his way through the week.

During the course of Max’s sneeze and yawn experiences, we meet the people and events that influence his daily life. 

This is two-in-one story book for young children, with wonderfully detailed and gently humorous illustrations by artist Todd Sharp, will help your children to enjoy reading in no time.

Find out more or buy here:

Sneeze’ and ‘Yawn’ are also available as audiobooks from your favourite audiobook retailer.

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