I can remember being a little girl and telling my mother that I wanted to write a book. Her response was: ‘That’s lovely, darling, but every thousand that try, only one gets published.’ I still can’t decide if she was trying to save me from a lifetime’s pain of rejection, or if she didn’t believe I would grow up to be able to secure a publishing contract. Who knows? 

But the truth is – she was right. Getting a publishing contract has always been tough, and since the advent of the internet – it just got tougher! But … the upside is that with the invention of smart devices anyone can publish a book now. And so I did. Five times so far! (I’ve since unpublished ‘Creating a Facebook Page for your Business’ – thanks to the beauty of modern technology.) And then more nearly four hundred times for other people via IndieMosh.

So check out my current books in print at my shop here:

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