Yep – you read it right. Bowls. I’ve fallen in love with making papier mache bowls and platters.

I have no idea how long this obsession will last, but it is so pacifying and satisfying to lay layer upon layer upon layer of paper, watching the shape build and strengthen.

I use mostly recycled office and wrapping paper, although top layers are sometimes made from new papers sitting in my stock. 

All bowls are sealed with acrylic sealer, and prices include shipping within Australia. Sorry, no overseas shipping due to the costs and potential for damage in transit involved – Aussie buyers only. 

Click on an image below to be taken to that bowl’s page where you can see larger images – and place your order!  As only one of each bowl exists, if the price below shows $0.00 that means that bowl has already been sold, or else was made on commission for someone. Sorry!

Numbered bowls

Mini bowls