Yep – you read it right. Bowls. I’ve fallen in love with making papier mache bowls, platters and animals. 

I have no idea how long this obsession will last, but it is so pacifying and satisfying to lay layer upon layer upon layer of paper, watching the shape build and strengthen.

I use mostly recycled office and wrapping paper, although top layers are sometimes made from new papers sitting in my stock. I then sometimes decorate with other materials such as broken jewellery beads etc.

All bowls are sealed with at lest three coats of Cabot’s Benchtop Clear food-safe varnish. It won’t make them waterproof, but it does mean you can wipe them with a damp cloth if they get a little dusty, say.

Check out my available bowls here:  Prices include shipping within Australia. (If you’re overseas, a small surcharge will apply once you enter your shipping address.)

Gone bowls

Bowl 1 - Alphabet Soup sans Soup
Bowl 1 – Alphabet Soup sans Soup – NFS


Bowl 2 - Stone Age, Bronze Age
Bowl 2 – Stone Age, Bronze Age – SOLD


Bowl 4 - After Kandinsky
Bowl 4 – After Kandinsky – COMMISSIONED


Bowl 5 - Zen Garden
Bowl 5 – Zen Garden – SOLD


Bowl 6 - Wayne's Wabbit
Bowl 6 – Wayne’s Wabbit (Go the Bunnies!) – NFS


Mauve Mood bowl
Mauve Mood mini-bowl – SOLD