Bridge Climb Descent


‘Bridge Climb Descent’ was inspired by seeing a group of Bridge climbers ‘returning to base’ on a hazy Sydney afternoon of dull skies and thin cloud.

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‘Bridge Climb Descent’ was inspired by the experience of walking under the Sydney Harbour Bridge one Saturday afternoon, towards Millers Point, and looking up to see a group of Bridge climbers ‘returning to base’. The sky was one of those hazy, late afternoon, dull skies – thin cloud covering the sun so it just sort of glared behind the grey.

The whole scene was in silhouette, and not at a 90 degree angle, hence the angles in this painting. I wanted to capture the lack of ‘evenness’ and balance – and the Bridge does, in fact, rise ever so slightly at this point. I think!

The is one of my few brush paintings – not a credit or sim card in sight – so this one’s a rarity for me.

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Acrylic on stretched canvas, ready to hang.

Height: 61 cm; Width: 46 cm; Depth: 3.8 cm

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Dimensions 61 × 46 × 4 cm


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