Who Caught the Yawn? and Where Did the Sneeze Go?


Who Caught the Yawn? and Where Did the Sneeze Go? is a two-in-one children’s book about a little red-haired boy and the events of his day (‘Yawn’) and week (‘Sneeze’).

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Max is a ‘ranga’ – a ginger-haired little boy who yawns and (almost) sneezes his way through life.

In Who Caught the Yawn?, Max passes his yawn around to the people he meets during the course of the day: the kids at pre-school, his pre-school teacher, the ear, nose and throat doctor, his Mum and Dad, until finally the yawn returns to Max at bedtime.

In Where did the Sneeze Go?, Max can’t sneeze. His nose is irritated with hayfever and allergies of all sorts, but no matter how hard his sneeze builds up, it just won’t happen. Follow Max around all week as he helps Grandpa saw wood, plays in the park with Dad, smells cousin Suzy’s perfume, and realises he’s allergic to Aunt Jane’s cat and the fluffy chickens at pre-school. But when he picks some flowers out of the garden for Mum … that’s when it all comes home to roost!

Children will enjoy having two stories about one little boy in this book. They will enjoy identifying with the characters and observing the differences – these books have been designed as a discussion point so that children and carers can talk about ‘same’ and ‘different’ so that children learn that we all lead different lives and that different doesn’t mean wrong. Children can learn about colours, days of the week, daily and weekly routines and much more from Todd Sharp’s wonderfully detailed and gently humorous illustrations. Perfect for home and classroom use, this two-in-one book is also a great learn to read text for children aged four to eight.

An example of the format and reading patterns of the book:

When Max went to pre-school, Miss Oliver sat everyone on the mats to read them a book. When Miss Oliver started reading, Max felt another yawn happening.

‘Oooorrrrr!’ Max stretched his arms out and squeezed his eyes shut tight. When he opened his eyes, he saw Miss Oliver having a big yawn, too.

‘I caught your yawn, Max!’ said Miss Oliver.

– from ‘Who Caught the Yawn?’

On Tuesday, Mum took Max to visit Aunt Jane. Max patted Fluffy, Aunt Jane’s cat. Fluffy’s fur tickled Max’s nose.

‘Aah … Aah …’ Nothing happened.

‘Where did the sneeze go, Max?’ asked Aunt Jane.

– from ‘Where Did the Sneeze Go?’


  • Trim size: 8 x 10 inches (20.32 x 25.4 cm)
  • Page count: 36
  • Internal pages: Full colour
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-1-925595-98-7

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Dimensions 20.32 × 25.4 cm


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