How to create a Facebook page for your business – ebook

I’ve finally done it! Last week I managed to release my little step-by-step, or rather, click-by-click, guide to building yourself a Facebook business page.

If you own a small business, or represent a band, an artist, or some form of charity or other group, a Facebook business page is a great way to help promote that thing, to get a following for it, to keep the fans involved and informed. And what’s more – it’s free.

While Google has Google+ and Google Circles, the Google users seem to be a different type of audience to the Facebook audience, and with over 800 million registered users, the Facebook community certainly is an audience that’s worth targeting.

How to Create a Facebook Page for Your Business (ISBN 978-0-9872551-0-5) contains more than 100 Facebook-approved screenshots and is currently available in ePub (which can be read using Nook, Stanza, Kobo, Adobe Digital Editions and similar programs) or in full-colour, printable PDF. 

Special offer – discount code
Regular retail price is $4.99 (all ebooks retailed on The MoshShop are listed at under $5) but if you want to purchase either e-version before 31 March 2012, just use discount code FB803103 to get 80% off. In other words, get it for $0.99 while stocks last!! 🙂

It should soon be available on Kobo as an ePub, and if demand warrants it, we will look to developing a print-on-demand version, but due to cost, this will be in black and white.

One thing to remember is that Facebook are continually updating their platform and systems, so what’s published today regarding Facebook can be out of date within six months – hence the decision to release e-versions and print-on-demand. So if you purchase this book and find that when you use it, something has changed, I’d appreciate it if you would let me know so that I can include the changes in updated versions as time goes by.

Happy reading – see you on Facebook! 

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