Bannisters Mollymook


In 2010, facing one of ‘those’ birthdays, hubby decided we should run away for the week, rather than face it! We ran and hid at Bannisters Mollymook.

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In 2010, my husband was facing one of ‘those’ birthdays, and decided we should run away for the week, rather than make him face it! He chose Bannisters Mollymook on the NSW south coast.

It was late March and not as warm as I’d have liked – we only managed to get in the pool once, and that was out of sheer bloody-mindedness simply because we’d been looking at it all week and didn’t want to go home without at least one swim. But I think we only lasted 10 minutes – it was just too cold for us!

We had a lovely stay there, though. We went ‘standard’ and had a lovely, big, former 1970s motel room facing east towards the cliff and coast. With the sliding door open about 15 cm all night we slept with the sound of crashing waves below.

Like most of my pen and watercolour works, this one was created paint first, ink after, on an A3 sheet of watercolour paper.

There’s not much of a border for matting – what you see is what you get – but a good framer will probably be able to do it without cutting off the dolphins’ noses too much!

Height: 29.7 cm; Width: 42 cm

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Dimensions 42 × 29.7 cm


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