Watchtower, Nijo-jo Castle, Kyoto


This is a pen and watercolour work of one of the two remaining watchtowers in Nijo-jo Castle in Kyoto, Japan. The others were destroyed by fire in 1788.

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Nijo-jo Castle in Kyoto, Japan, is an amazing place. Now more than 400 years old, its grounds and buildings are worth a visit if you ever find yourself in the area – particularly in cherry blossom time (late April, early May).

This is one of two remaining watchtowers, the others having been destroyed by fire in 1788. I was inspired to capture it on paper many years after visiting while undertaking a Domestika online course, Architectural Sketching with Watercolor and Ink by Alex Hillkurtz. It didn’t turn out as I had envisaged it (none of my works ever do), but it was a great learning experience, and I’m not unhappy with the end result. It’s a soft, gentle work, in stark contrast with the solidness of the stonework that inspired it.

Unlike most of my pen and watercolour works, this one was created lines first, then a wash, then more lines, then more washes, on an A3 sheet of watercolour paper.

There’s a border for matting, so you should be able to frame it pretty much as cropped here.

Height: 29.7 cm; Width: 42 cm (A3)

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Nijo-jo Castle, Kyoto – Redbubble throw blanket

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Dimensions 42 × 29.7 cm


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