Guided publishing packages

One of the hardest things about writing a book is just doing it. Many of us start, but getting to the finish line, and then doing something with the manuscript once it’s finished, is another kettle of fish altogether.

So to help those who really need to invest in the development of a book, I offer a guided publishing package. This is similar to being a book coach, except that I take you right to the end – you end up with 100 copies of your book in your hand, plus it ends up listed on all the major online book and ebook retailers across the world.

This service is only available to Australian authors, and is of most benefit to business people, entrepreneurs and other non-fiction writers.

Guided publishing package

Your book: up to 50,000 words, up to internal 10 images (supplied by you), released in Print on Demand (PoD), mobi (for Kindle) and epub (for iPad and Android), with international distribution and 100 print copies for you to start with, developed and released within one year.

Your package delivers you personal one-on-one communication with feedback and assistance from me as follows:

  • Weekly Skype or phone sessions to help with structure, development, market targeting, accountability etc
  • Your writing finished within 40 weeks, leaving 12 weeks for proofreading and publication
  • Structure/development assistance
  • Copy/line editing and assistance with grammar and writing
  • Layout/formatting
  • Cover design (by a qualified graphic designer)
  • Proofreading (by a qualified editor other than myself – that precious ‘second pair of eyes’)
  • Proof copy delivered directly to your door for your approval
  • Print on demand via Amazon’s CreateSpace with initial release via
  • Supply of 100 copies direct to your door
  • Distribution via Amazon’s Expanded Distribution network, including Booktopia and Fishpond (Australia), Barnes and Noble (USA) and Book Depository (UK)
  • Supply of discount coupons for your use and to send to friends, relatives and associates to encourage them to download or buy at a discount and review
  • Publishing as a MoshPit Publishing book (unless you prefer to use your own imprint*)
  • MoshPit Publishing ISBNs included and barcode supplied by CreateSpace (unless you prefer to use your own imprint* and supply your own ISBNs and barcode)
  • Kindle ebook released via Amazon
  • Epub ebook version released via Smashwords for distribution to Apple iBookstore, Barnes and Noble, Kobo etc
  • Minimum 85% net royalties paid monthly where your AUD$ balance exceeds $20. Where net royalties exceed AUD$1,000 in any one month from any one channel, then that particular payment will be paid at 90% net royalty. Where net royalties exceed AUD$10,000 in any one month from any one channel, then that particular payment will be paid at 95% net royalty.
  • Creation of an IndieMosh author profile
  • Creation of your Smashwords author profile
  • Creation of your Amazon AuthorCentral profile
  • Creation of your One Thousand Words Plus lifetime listing
  • Legal deposit taken care of (unless you prefer to use your own imprint*)
  • Additional words over 50,000: $1,000 for every 10,000 or part thereof. (You may need to allow additional time over and above the 40 weeks.)
    • e.g. 60,000 words = $14,990 + $1,000 = $15,990 Upfront price
    • 100,000 words = $14,990 + 5,000 = $19,990 Upfront price
  • You will be one of no more than six (6) guided publishing clients at any one time
  • The following items will attract additional fees:
    • table formatting (and/or creation)
    • fixed layout ebooks
    • indexing
    • fact checking
    • image sourcing and/or copyright clearance

DISCLAIMER: I cannot guarantee that your book will sell a particular number of copies, or even if it will sell at all. It might be a big hit, or it might be a dismal failure. The truth is that it is likely to fall somewhere between the two and its success or failure will depend on more than just the quality of the book itself. If you have little or no online presence, few or no other titles, and little or no physical marketing of yourself or your book, then there is little chance people will find out about it. Its ultimate success or failure will depend on you.

Guided publishing packages may be paid in full upfront, or via direct debit instalments from your bank account or credit card.

Upfront price: $14,990-including GST and the first 100 print copies for yourself, delivered to your door.

Repayment options for 50,000 word book (includes admin fee for repayment plan):

10 calendar monthly repayments of $1,649 = total cost of $16,490

20 fortnightly repayments of $824.50 = total cost of $16,490

40 weekly payments of $412.25 = total cost of $16,490

20 calendar monthly repayments of $899.50 = total cost of $17,990

We use Ezidebit for our repayment plans and you will be required to enter into an Ezidebit repayment plan contract should you choose to pay by instalments.

* There are no discounts for using your own imprint and ISBNs.

If you would like to consider a guided publishing package, or have a question which is not answered on this page, please get in touch here.

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