It’s ‘Read an ebook week’!

If you’ve never read an ebook before, this week is your chance to take the plunge – at minimal cost.

We are offering several of our best sellers at 50% off for THIS WEEK ONLY at Smashwords. You can buy them in all sorts of formats – ePub, PDF, .mobi for Kindle, you name it.

Visit Smashwords and look for the ‘Read an Ebook Week March 4-10‘ specials link at the top of the menu bar at the left-hand side of the page. Use that link to find ebooks by all sorts of authors, at all sorts of prices, with all sorts of discounts.

Better still, go straight to our MoshPit Publishing authors:
Julie Jones
Kate Shayler
Paris Portingale
Aristidis Metaxas

Use coupon code REW50 to buy their ebooks at 50% off for THIS WEEK ONLY.

Go on – what are you waiting for? 
Get into the 21st century today!

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