Penny Wong for Prime Minister

That’s right, I think the Labor Party should give the top job to Penny Wong until the next election. Why?
Because they’re dead in the water anyway, so why not give the job to someone who has a hope of leading the party to election after a term out of office? And do they really think Kevin Rudd or Julia Gillard could inspire enough confidence in the electorate to lead the party back after the chopping and changing of the last two years? Me neither, which is why, if they’re going to consider dumping another leader now, they need to be thinking about the election after next.

Give Penny Wong a few months now to get used to what being prime minister entails. Give her a term as leader of the opposition when the Liberals take government at the next election, as they undoubtedly, but sadly, will. Then the country will have three years to get used to Penny and she will be a visible and viable option for the voters as next prime minister.

Now, before you start posting time-wasting comments, don’t get me wrong. I am not:

  • a Labor voter. I’m a swinging voter – I make up my mind on a one-off basis every single time I go to vote. My vote is cast for who I think will do the job best from the candidates on offer at the time, whether it’s a local, state or federal election
  • a feminist. I’m a ‘people-ist’. Your gender is irrelevant if you can do the job properly.
  • a gay lobbyist or closet gay. I just have no problem with having a gay prime minister. Again, it is irrelevant. What we need is someone who can do the job and do it properly. Sexuality, like gender, is irrelevant to this discussion.
  • a political animal – these is simply my thoughts based on events of the last couple of years. Personally, I htink there’s too much politics in politics, but sadly that’s how it is and I can’t change centuries of inherited tradition and behaviours. But I can think of ways to work around them!
  • an admirer of Kevin Rudd.
However, what I am is:
  • an admirer of Penny Wong’s talent and personal bearing
  • an admirer of mature, honest, hardworking people, particularly politicians
  • an Australian who loves this country and just really wants some stable leadership which will take us into the 21st century.
So why do I think Labor are dead in the water?
  1. Who in their right mind would vote for a party which axes its sitting leader when they hold the highest office in the country? This has nothing to do with liking or not liking Kevin Rudd or Julia Gillard, it’s just plain political suicide!
  2. Who in their right mind would vote for a party which then axes their sitting leader and replaces her with the original choice? I mean, seriously? Don’t they have something more important than musical chairs to do? Like running the goddam country?!?!
  3. Who in their right mind would vote for Kevin Rudd anyway, in light of what we now know and have seen? He’s clearly a hypocrite. I mean, who goes to church on Sunday and then allows themselves to get pissed and be taken to strip clubs while overseas on official business? I’m sorry, those two forms of behaviour don’t match for me. Your spiritual beliefs are your business, and if you want to get drunk and visit a strip club, fine, that’s your business too. But don’t parade your weekly holier-than-thou-look-at-me-I’m-going-to-church stuff for the cameras every Sunday when you’re no holier than the rest of us.
  4. Rudd’s resignation speech as Foreign Minister last night was full of hypocritical holes. Take ‘The truth is that the Australian people regard this whole affair as little better than a soap opera, and they are right. And under current circumstances, I won’t be part of it.’ What does ‘under current circumstances‘ mean? I’ll interpret for you. It means ‘while I’m Foreign Minister‘, hence his resignation. He won’t be part of a leadership challenge under current circumstances, so he’ll change the circumstances and now he can contest the hot seat. And what about ‘But I can promise you this, there is no way – no way – that I will ever be party to a stealth attack on a sitting prime minister elected by the people.We all know that what happened then was wrong, and it must never happen again.’ Admirable, Kevin, admirable. But what that really means is, ‘I’m getting ready to challenge. Julia wasn’t elected by the people, so it’s okay, it doesn’t count.’ If Labor manage to resurrect Rudd, then we will again face being led, for a short time, anyway, by a hypocritical, manipulative control freak. Just what every business needs. I mean, he’s whingeing away about the faceless men who brought him down, and he resigns when he’s overseas so he can come back and spend time gathering numbers with his own faceless men. Seriously? Grow a pair! Sorry, but Julia Gillard has got more balls than Kevin Rudd and I mean that in the nicest possible way, Julia.

Greg Combet got it right last night when he said ‘enough is enough’ and that Labor needs to get this sorted. What he forgot to add was ‘and fast’. 

I dread the thought of Tony Abbott as our next prime minister. I would vote for Malcolm Turnbull – he’s got business smarts and cares about our environmental future, which are two qualities I look for when voting – but the Liberals wouldn’t dare do a dumping now in light of what they’ve said about Labor over the last couple of years. 

So where does that leave us? Oh yeah, Penny Wong!

Let’s give Penny a go, and soon. She’s:
  • intelligent
  • articulate
  • educated
  • understanding of minority issues
  • honest and open
  • got a nice voice, to boot.

Penny Wong for Prime Minister.

Because Australia needs it. And now.

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7 Replies to “Penny Wong for Prime Minister”

  1. I agree with you, Jemma, but I don’t think they can do any more damage right now than they’ve already done. I can’t see how they can win the next election, no matter what they do.

    My thoughts are that they need to think five years ahead – to appoint a leader now who in five years might have a decent chance to oust Tony Abbott, because I’m sure he will be our next PM. And it would give Penny a little while in the hot seat to cut her teeth, then a couple of years in Opposition to develop her profile and engage with the electorate, then a chance to run for the top job, with the asset of experience in the seat.

    Mind you, I don’t know if anyone’s asked Penny Wong yet whether or not she’s interested in being Prime Minister, so I’m spouting a lot of hot air for possibly no good reason at all!

  2. Stephen Smith’s not bad, but I just don’t get the feeling of confidence from him that I get from Penny Wong. She just exudes this sense of calm – which I could be completely wrong about! – whereas when I watch Stephen Smith, I’m not 100% relaxed and confident listening to him.

    But now that you mention him, I wouldn’t object too much – certainly better in my mind than having Rudd back. (Sorry Kevin!) Perhaps Stephen and Penny could be the new male-female double act. Seems to be the go these days, doesn’t it?

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