Open – An autobiography – Andre Agassi – print book

This is a brilliantly titled book because, yes, Mr Agassi is extremely open. Open, honest and entertaining, he opens the doors into a world where very few of us live and hence have any idea of how it operates in there.

Get behind the mind of a young boy too scared to disappoint his father. Of a young man trying to work out who he is in an artificial world of celebrity. Of a slightly more mature young man who finally meets someone with the grounding he needs to help him find his feet in this world.

Andrea Agassi’s life story could serve as a manual for those parents who think it’s good for a child to be pushed to their outer limits. Yes, there is the odd child who can handle it, but who really knows what goes on inside their mind? And is it really fair to push a child that far when they have no other lifestyle to compare with it?

Available at the usual outlets, this is highly recommended, even if you don’t like tennis, or Andre Agassi. Because after reading it, I dare you to continue not liking him!

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