Getting into a NOOK

In April/May this year, I had a holiday on the west coast of the USA. It was brilliant – nothing like I imagined. 

But one of the best parts was visiting the Barnes and Noble bookstore on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. It was there that I first held a NOOK Color. And the next day, I bought one.

NOOK Color

Why a NOOK Color and not an iPad? Well, the iPad is still on the list, but I couldn’t justify the expense when all I wanted was a device on which I could read ebooks. The beauty of the NOOK is that you can do other things such as email, websurfing etc. It just doesn’t have any computing power as such, so you can’t use it to create documents etc. No biggie for me – I just wanted to read!

Mind you, I grilled the poor sales assistant for the best part of an hour: would it work in Australia? What sort of things could I do on it? What about the power cord issue? And on and on. But he was a lovely, lovely man, with endless patience, and as part of the sale he gave me a list of web addresses where I could buy ebooks, download them to my PC, then transfer them to my NOOK.

One of those addresses was for Smashwords, and that has proven to be a boon to my business, my access to ebooks, and my understanding of electronic publishing.

We now have a MoshPit Publishing page at Smashwords at where you can download a whole range of things that we publish in a whole range of formats – including for Kindle.

I love what we can do with computers, systems and the internet these days!

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