Surviving an American Gulag – Edward C Patterson – ebook

Cover for 'Surviving an American Gulag'

This book was really enjoyable. Occasionally a character or an event would be a little larger than life, and lack a little realism, but then a good story always has components that are a little beyond what the average Joe is likely to experience.

The beauty of this book is that although it’s a story about the issue of being gay in the forces, it plays out in a way I didn’t really expect. I would read certain passages and think ‘Should I be interpreting it this way, or that, or am I just reading stuff into this?’ and those questions weren’t answered until I got almost to the end. (For the record, I SHOULD have been interpreting the way I thought, but didn’t want to jump to conclusions at the time of reading.)

Mr Patterson’s writing champions gay rights and an understanding of gay issues with subtlety and dignity and I really must make the effort to acquire some more of his books.

Highly recommended.

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