Shake Your Tail Feathers


‘Shake Your Tail Feathers’, based on a peacock feather, is a three-piece artwork on small, stretched canvases using three colours: brown, white and blue.

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‘Shake Your Tail Feathers’, based on a peacock feather I had, is a three-piece artwork on small, stretched canvases. Only three colours were used: a dark brown, a white and a blue.

I designated three components for each picture: the background, the quill and fronds for each feather, and the pattern. I then rotated the three colours through the three components over each canvas.

They can be hung:

  • one above the other down a narrow space
  • side by side
  • in a staggered arrangement, or
  • separately.

The measurements shown are for the three hung side-by-side with no spacing, but the individual canvas measurements for ‘Shake Your Tail Feathers’ are: Size: 7.75 cm (W) x 15 cm (H) x 4 cm (D) (per panel)

And of course you can hang them as I have in the picture, or side-by-side, or stepped, or randomly, or on three separate walls. Or in three separate rooms! Your tail feathers, your choice. 😉

Now get your fix and shake your own tail feather. Go on – you know you want to!:

Acrylic on three stretched canvas panels, ready to hang.

Height: 15 cm; Width: 22.75 cm; Depth: 4 cm

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Dimensions 15 × 22.75 × 4 cm


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