The Long Way Home – Kate Shayler – print book

When Kate Shayler visited our office and asked if we’d be interested in publishing her third book, Burnished, it led to a path of new knowledge – about children’s homes, about the institutionalisation of children, about resilience, and about the buildings on Pennant Hills Road in North Parramatta that I had passed so often as a child, wondering who might be lucky enough to live in those castles. Little did I know.

The Long Way Home is the story of one Forgotten Australian who will now never be forgotten and who, as a result of taking the brave step of talking about her childhood, has paved the way for others to do the same in Burnished.

Yes, The Long Way Home is confronting, especially as a mother. I couldn’t bear the thought that either of my children might have had to live the way Kate did due to my untimely demise. But it should be compulsive reading for anyone in children’s services anywhere in the world today.

It’s no longer in print, but can be bought second hand through the usual online channels.

Burnished: Burnside Life Stories is a compilation of life stories from other residents of Burnside between the 1920s and 1970s, brought to us as a result of other Burnie kids asking Kate when she was going to write their stories. These unique and inspiring tales from 26 Forgotten Australians are a must read for anyone remotely interested in Australia’s social history.

Burnished is available in print, PDF and ePub from The MoshShop.

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