The Wolf of Wall Street – Jordan Belfort – print book

It’s not right to glorify drug taking, living a life of excess at other people’s expense, and general financial fraud, but I have to say I really did find Mr Belfort’s book hard to put down – possibly because I could barely believe that anyone could live such a life. Apparently, there are people out there who live like this, but most of them end up in an early grave.

Mr Belfort has been lucky to get a second chance, following multiple divorces, drug rehab, the loss of his company and a stint in jail. That the normal mortal should be so lucky!

Still, it’s interesting to see how a relatively ‘normal’ person who is so incredibly intelligent can get sucked into wayward and self-destructive behaviour. And Mr Belfort seems able to write about his past without any hint of ‘woe-is-me I’m a victim’ – he seems to take responsibility for his actions, and with a reasonably healthy dose of humour, too.

Enjoy, but don’t follow in his footsteps!!

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