Social Media Blues – a poem by Jenny Mosher :)

After a couple of hours last night reading different posts about Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter, I awoke this morning in total confusion. What should we be doing with social media? What’s best? Where should we concentrate our energies, yada, yada, yada …

And then it started in my head … and I thought ‘I shall call it Social Media Blues‘:

Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
Social media’s doing my head in!
What to post? When and where?
Does anybody read it? Does anybody care?

Mary’s got a new dog. John’s has had pups.
Fred’s having a downer, but Dawn’s on the up.
Marco has a new car, Shazza’s crashed her bike
Raelene’s set up a business page and wants me to hit ‘Like’. 
Karl’s engaged, Kate is married, Kim is all alone
Geraldo’s playing Words with Friends, along with his mate, Tone.
Loretta tweets early, while PJ tweets all day
I don’t tweet at all – got no idea what to say! 🙁
Shirl has a new fiancé, she’s dumped the one of old
Babs is cooking dinner, but Barry’s out in the cold.
Storm warning on the tablelands, showers on the coast
The Johnstones are having visitors – they’re doing them a roast 🙂
Business tips from Brad, and more from Keith and Merril
A video from Greg, and holiday snaps from Teryl.
‘Wow! I’ve been there!’ I realise when I look at Teryl’s pics
Click ‘Like’ and type out what I think and see if I get some hits.
Got a Facebook business page, and a Google+ one too
I’m connecting well on LinkedIn, but should I join Twitter too?
I’ve too much junk in the shed, so I need to sell my bike.
I’ll have to join eBay, then PayPal and the like …
And what about RedBubble, Flickr, Tumblr and YouTube?
Not strictly social media, but you need them, too, you know.
Ooh! A Farmville update, what’s Solomon up to now?
Sorry to get distracted, but I owe someone a cow.
The kids are screaming ‘Feed me!’ Hubby’s screaming too,
‘That PC gets more love than me, I’m going to buy one too!’
Now there’s an idea, we could each have one, and Facebook and Farmville together
A family in touch, via the net, regardless of the weather! 😀
That’s the answer, it’s not what you do, it’s clearly the way that you do it!
Share it with love, share it with all, tweet it, Facebook it, +1it!
Now I’m on top, I’m getting control, just one more post for the day
‘Off to bed now folks, loves youse all! See you tomorrow,’ I say. 😉
CHORUS – sing it with me, now!
(Repeat then fade …)
Now all I have to do is record it, get it on YouTube, get some Adwords going around it, and then repost it on Facebook, get someone to Tweet it for me, license it to Nike or Coca Cola … and I’m rich!!! Yay – I knew it wouldn’t be this hard!!!!
Please note, the above poem IS original, written by me on 8 January 2012, and the copyright is owned by me, Jennifer Mosher. If you wish to use these lyrics at all, please ensure that my name is attached as the writer and link back to this blog or wherever you found it. Thank you 🙂