It’s OK to Laugh – Nancy Santa Lucia – ebook

Cover for 'It's OK to Laugh'
This book was self-published, and the copy I purchased showed – it definitely needed some judicious editing and proofreading – but as far as enlightening me, it certainly did.

Nancy tells the story of her first marriage, one littered with domestic violence and the psychological mess that occurs as a result. But this is no book by a victim. This lady has looked at herself and her life, and managed to take steps to get out of her situation.

People that have never been exposed to a domestic violence situation will often say that they don’t understand why people (generally women) don’t just up and leave. This book takes us one step closer to understanding why not.

As well as enlightening me, this book also entertained me. Nancy is funny, honest and self-deprecating, and I am sure she would be a hoot at the office Christmas party!

Recommended for those that can forgive some typos and just want to enjoy someone else’s ability to get up, dust themselves off and move on.

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