Not the only querier in the village

Still ranting after last week’s talk at the Publish! BlueMountains event at the Clarendon, one of the topics which I raised, which then proceeded to raise opinions in the room, was that of ebook royalties paid by traditional publishers who had already produced a print book and were then capitalising on that print issue by also releasing in print.

It started when I queried the income an author might be receiving on a $10 ebook sold on Amazon, and continued to insinuate that I felt the publisher was probably making more money out of the ebook than the author. A publisher in the audience took exception to my insinuations and proved my suspicions wrong by telling everyone how, at her business, they were paying a 25% royalty on ebook sales, a rate which I felt was insultingly low.

Andy Richardson 

Today I feel vindicated. I’ve just discovered this post on ‘BookBrunch’ about a lawsuit taken against Harlequin by three of their authors regarding ebook royalty payments. Thank you Andy Richardson for your clear and logical discussion of this matter – you’re my new hero.

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  1. Love the title! Andy’s articel was a good read, as was this post.

    Good to hear you are still ranting. I have given that up for the moment, but am still quietly smouldering. I could combust at any time if someone from the traditional publishing world were to look at me sideways, or offer me 25% royalities!

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